Happy Summer Village

Update from Trout Lake Campers Association Sudbury District to apprise you of developments proposed for Trout Lake

As you know, the Association is representing its members with regard to the proposed development at Happy Summer Village. The new owner/developer is proposing an extensive redevelopment and expansion of the facilities there. To summarize, the plan is to develop up to 140 mobile homes on leased land. This represents a significant increase (54%) over the approximately 240 homes and camps currently on the lake. In addition there are various other amenities to be phased in, including a splash pad, water park, and tennis courts.

As an Association we want to ensure that this development has the proper controls, approvals, and oversight in place to protect against any adverse impact on the lake ecosystem. Our goal is not to stop all development, but to ensure it is done in a way which does not negatively impact the lake and the environment. We believe this is the most important issue we have ever dealt with as it affects every property on Trout Lake.

We have heard from many of our members expressing concern about the scale and scope of the proposed development. Trout Lake was determined to be above its development capacity in 1977 in a report by MNRF and all development has been frozen since that time. However, due to the fact that the municipality created a Zoning By-law in 2014 which permits certain developments, without recourse to the Planning Act, it appears as if MNRF's decision could be ignored, and in fact the developer will be able to by-pass all the safeguards to development which are established under the Planning Act.

We have sent a submission to municipal council and all agencies which will be reviewing this application. We submit that the massive re-development which is proposed constitutes a "new development" under the Planning Act and therefore should go through all the regulatory reviews. We also believe that the mobile trailers to be installed are not permitted, by definition, under the Zoning By-law. We hope to be able to make a presentation at municipal council and other agencies in the near future. A copy of our submission PDF and the reply PDF from the municipality can be seen here.
Please be patient when downloading the Submission document, as the file is quite large. (approx. 18 MB)
If you read our submission, you will see the complexity of the issues we are dealing with.

The environmental impacts on Trout Lake could be significant and could endanger the unique qualities of this trout and pickerel fishery. We have numerous other concerns including Endangered Species and safety. Trout Lake is a significant part of the French River watershed and ecosystem. We all have a stake in ensuring the quality of our lake and lifestyle is protected.

If you can help with this issue, please contact the Trout Lake Campers Association

Richard Lanktree, President
(647) 549-6945


Linda Lachance
(705) 857-3113

Please write to your councillor, to express your concerns, and stay involved. We need your support.

Ron Garbutt, Ward 1,


Richard Malette, Ward 2,

In addition, we will be circulating a survey to our members via email and mail, to help us better gauge the level of support and issues of concern among our members. We encourage you to answer the survey questions using one of the reply methods (paper or on-line survey) to assist us. To request a link to the on-line survey, or a paper copy, please send an email to Linda Lachance. (email address above)

As dealing with this issue is outside the normal scope of activities and budget of the Association, we cannot do this without your support. We have already incurred costs for professional fees, mail-outs, etc., and therefore, we are establishing a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds to cover the anticipated expenses for legal counsel and other consultation, as we move forward. We are encouraging all of our members to make a contribution by clicking the link below. Thank you very much for your support. Our goal for this campaign is to raise at least $10,000. If more funds are raised than are needed, we propose using them to pay for the development of a Lake Plan or to support the general purposes of the TLCASD.

If you prefer to send a donation by cheque instead of going through the Go Fund Me link, we would appreciate that. Then we would not have to pay the service fees associated with a credit card payment.

You can send a cheque, payable to:
Trout Lake Campers Association, Sudbury District
P.O. Box 315
Noelville, ON P0M 2N0

Thank you for your support.

Submitted by: Linda Lachance, Chair of the Trout Lake Development & Review Committee
October 30, 2019

Trout Lake Campers Association Sudbury District
P.O. Box 315
Noelville, ON  P0M 2N0